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Check out this excerpt from the Real American Blog:

Would Americans even consider voting for someone who isn’t a politician? I mean Ross Perot gave it a shot several years ago and it didn’t go well… but then again he was a nobody to most of the U.S. population AND kind of a nutball honestly. That said, Bill Gates does have more name recognition than most politicians considering the race in 2008 and he can fund his own campaign so there’s not the ever present hint of lobbyist and special interest groups being the puppet master behind a campaign. Unfortunately I highly doubt Mr. Gates would want the job and I doubt even more that Americans would vote for him. People don’t trust successful businessmen for some reason and just the name “Microsoft” sends some people into fits about unfair business practices and monopoly tactics. He’s also an atheist and even though religion should have nothing to do with politics this would be a black mark against him.

I guess the point of all this is that the American people still trust politicians to run this country even though most of them don’t even properly represent their constituents. I’m not saying that we should vote a bunch of business leaders into office either but I think people should keep an open mind when it comes to such things. Who cares if someone is an atheist… or isn’t married… or is gay… or any other “oddball” thing that people don’t associate with a “good” politician? Are these really the things that matter in the long run? Apparently so here in America… and I find that sad personally.

Mike Browning from the Real American Blog posted this right here, and makes some good points. His “I think people should keep an open mind when it comes to such things” is really what this website is all about…

BillGatesForPresidentCardIn the past few days the “Bill Gates for President” message has reached Hundreds of Thousands of people, obviously more than we expected it to do in such a short time-span. Because of this tiger wave of attention we missed out on the organic growth stadium of our movement, something we can hopefully start catching up for right about now…

That’s right, we really are serious about this. To get our ideas out there we are looking for ten to fifteen adults who, even though we all know it’s a long shot to see Bill actually run for President, feel strongly about our ideas and are willing to contribute some time to the collective. Our small but enthusiastic team is proving to be a tiny bit too small, and with some extra (wo)manpower we’re sure we can do so much more…

Interested? Send us an e-mail ( with your personal motivation and a little bio and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible! We’re mainly looking for people from different areas in the US, but anyone (including Europeans, Canadians, …) are free to get in touch with us. Thanks!

Doug Barney Bill Gates for PresidentEvery four years pundits, radio talk show hosts and U.S. citizens beg for a presidential candidate who’s not a career politician. And every four years the two major parties nominate — you guessed it — career politicians! No true, non-political alternatives have the party backing, or, it seems, the ability to connect and gain our trust. I guess voters don’t mind career politicians after all.

Donald Trump is too full of himself (but Letterman would have great material), Ross Perot was too preachy and weird, and Arnold is too foreign (meaning he legally can’t run; not that I’m against Austrians).

Here’s a name that could overcome all these obstacles: Bill Gates. Not the old Bill Gates spouting technology, wearing ill-fitting clothes and crushing competitors for sport (though his company is doing this with relish and third parties are paying the price). No. I’m talking about the new Gates of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

As far as I can tell, Gates has not pledged allegiance to either party (probably the only thing he and I have in common). In 2004 Gates gave only $22,500 to candidates with a slight edge to Democrats. For someone with Gates’ pockets, this is as close to giving nothing as you can get!

I mentioned this idea to my mother and her eyes opened wide (the way they did every time my high school assistant principal called) and she exclaimed “Wow!” After a few seconds of thought she said “Wow” again.

Bill has no major skeletons (I’m guessing) and has taken non-political, purely rational stances on today’s major issues.

Who would you trust to develop a policy on global warming? Who is today’s best ambassador to the third world, to India, to China? But Bill has no experience in foreign policy! True, but neither did the governor of Georgia, California, Arkansas or Texas. Imagine if our fundamental approach to the world was based on logical approaches to curing disease, spreading opportunity, saving the environment and teaching children. A foreign policy flowing from this river would be rich indeed.

Imagine offering our enemies all of these benefits.

Would Iran rather have nukes or freedom from disease? Maybe they’ll go for the A-bombs, but will all regimes react the same? I doubt it. And remember, Bill promised to retire in two years, just in time for his new job in 2008. We’ll just have to live with a total gutting of U.S. anti-trust laws!

Who are you going to vote for? Let me know at

Doug Barney is editor in chief of Redmond magazine and the editorial director of Redmond Channel Partner magazine. You can contact Doug about “Bill for President” at The source of this article (first published on 1-oct-2006) is Article re-published with full permission of the author.

John McCain official photo portraitTime for some polling! In the weeks to come we’ll be launching a series of polls in which we put a potential candidate for the 2008 election and Bill Gates in a head-to-head position. We realize we’re putting Bill up there without him even expressing any of his views on what his political choices would be, but the reason that’s not stopping us from starting these polls is simple: we believe in Bill’s rational choices and his ability to make the right decisions.

Senator John McCain of Arizona will be the first one to be tested against Gates. John McCain has emerged as the early front-runner for the Republican nomination. He stands for conservatism, or as he put it to the Washington Post, “My record is the same on all issues, which is that of a conservative Republican. Not a liberal Republican. Not a moderate Republican.” You can find more info on Senator McCain on the John McCain 2008, The Exploratory Committee website, Wikipedia or John McCain on the Issues.

We’re curious about which way this will sway… That means it’s time to make your pick ladies and gents, McCain or Gates?


Bill Gates for President Bumper StickerWe had quite a few e-mails during the weekend from people asking for bumper stickers, buttons and T-shirts to help us spread the word. We hesitated for a while but after e-mail number ten we decided to give it a go.

We’ve made a small store in which we’re currently selling some shirts, mugs, magnets and stickers. We’re not giving stuff away, but because we’re not in this for the money either (we have a long way to go to break-even ;-)), we’re donating at least 10% of all the profits to HIV/AIDS charities, even if we’re still in the red. We’ll up the percentage at the point of break-even!

We’ve also made some free pdf templates people can use to print out their own posters and flyers. Thanks to Jeff Taylor for the great idea!

It’s amazing to see how many requests we keep getting for promotional stuff. This one is my favorite:

I was hoping for buttons.. you know like the ones you pin to your clothing… so I could wear around something that says “Bill Gates for president!” The people here at the hospital would really get a kick out of that.

That’s the spirit, Joel!

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