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Check out this excerpt from the Real American Blog: Would Americans even consider voting for someone who isn’t a politician? I mean Ross Perot gave it a shot several years ago and it didn’t go well… but then again he was a nobody to most of the U.S. population AND kind of a nutball honestly. […]

In the next few days we’ll be zooming in on some of the opinions people have been spreading on the net about the whole “Bill-Gates-for-President-Bandwagon”. Here’s an excerpt from a blog entry earlier on today that caught our eye from the Times Online News Log: President Gates of the United States. Do you like the […]

A little over an hour ago Scott Adams has blown a whole lot of extra life into our ambitious website. Thanks, Scott! It’s great to see we’re not alone, and we’re sure more people will jump on the bandwagon in the next few days and weeks. One of our main concerns however is keeping our […]

Ten days ago, Scott Adams, author of the famous Dilbert cartoon series, beat us to the punch by naming Bill Gates as a possible (and serious) presidential candidate in one or two election cycles on “The Dilbert Blog“. His blog entry has since then traveled the net, and if an excerpt of this post deserves […]

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Bill Gates

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