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To the WGT (“Windows-Gates-Transfer”-syndrome) argument identifying Bill Gates with errors or omissions in Microsoft software, I would answer, imagine any of our politicians running Microsoft! There’s a good laugh! Concerning the non-issue of bugs in MS code, I would point to the vast numbers of hackers trying to exploit the software (because it is there, […]

Check out this excerpt from the Real American Blog: Would Americans even consider voting for someone who isn’t a politician? I mean Ross Perot gave it a shot several years ago and it didn’t go well… but then again he was a nobody to most of the U.S. population AND kind of a nutball honestly. […]

Every four years pundits, radio talk show hosts and U.S. citizens beg for a presidential candidate who’s not a career politician. And every four years the two major parties nominate — you guessed it — career politicians! No true, non-political alternatives have the party backing, or, it seems, the ability to connect and gain our […]

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Bill Gates

Bill Gates

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