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As we posted yesterday we decided to launch a petition. We know doing this petition means taking a risk. We know this petition means opening our website for people spamming and abusing the little input fields we give them. Yes, we know people will sign this petition with bogus names and bogus e-mail addresses. The […]

In the past few days the “Bill Gates for President” message has reached Hundreds of Thousands of people, obviously more than we expected it to do in such a short time-span. Because of this tiger wave of attention we missed out on the organic growth stadium of our movement, something we can hopefully start catching […]

We had quite a few e-mails during the weekend from people asking for bumper stickers, buttons and T-shirts to help us spread the word. We hesitated for a while but after e-mail number ten we decided to give it a go. We’ve made a small store in which we’re currently selling some shirts, mugs, […]

Alright, it’s great to see people taking their own initiatives to help spread our ideas. Thanks to Vail Gold there’s now a Facebook group dedicated to the “Bill Gates for President!” movement. Time for you to represent! (You can also put a bumper sticker on your Volvo too, hé!) Anyway, I created a group on […]

A little over an hour ago Scott Adams has blown a whole lot of extra life into our ambitious website. Thanks, Scott! It’s great to see we’re not alone, and we’re sure more people will jump on the bandwagon in the next few days and weeks. One of our main concerns however is keeping our […]

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