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We’re hoping thousands of people will sign the petition, and even though we know there are thousands of people supporting our ideas, it’s not going to be easy to actually get them to add their signature too… We’re counting on all our supporters to help us get the word out, and appreciate all the exposure we get!

We tested the petition during the last few days and haven’t had any serious problems. But, should you encounter any problem what so ever please let us know!

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35 Responses to “Please sign the petition!”  

  1. 1 Yvette Ftizsimmons

    Education driven, equal opportunities for all. Given the disadvantage an advantage. I would like to hear more about where he stands.

  2. 2 Robert Oakley

    I thoroughly endorse bill gates for president.
    He will focus on issues such as InfoSec, e-commerce, PANs etc, as well as facilitating his own dream of bringing third world countries into the digital age.
    Bill (he’s done lots for it already) will bring people together in a secular global community.

  3. 3 David


  4. 4 Richard

    As an Apple Mac user, you might expect me to be totally against Bill Gates as US President, however i have to say that i agree with all the comments here. Mr Gates has the potential to offer a significant amount to the US and world economies, and much as the Mac and Linux communities derive Microsoft and Bill Gates, he could never be half as bad as Bush and co.

  5. 5 Sam Mela


  6. 6 Frank Black

    Another cranky rich guy decides to be a politician? Puh-leeeze…..
    Corporate success does not always translate to political talent – ask Mitt Romney, the completely impotent governor of MA.

  7. 7 Michael

    I’d vote for him.

  8. 8 Martin

    Yeah, why not. ……. just this or the error messages that would come out of the White house when things go wrong!

  9. 9 Joe Smith

    The way he has taken over software, think about the countries we could invade and own!! Of course might have to wipe them out frequently (like a reboot of a MS box).

  10. 10 Chris

    I’d vote for Bill for World President. We desperately need rationality from someone who has a clearly stated agenda.

  11. 11 Ryan

    I respect Mr. Gates for the man he is, and he is nothing short of genius. I would certainly vote for him as president.

  12. 12 Don Quijote

    I would totally vote for Mr. Bill Gates before voting for Bush. I’m in.

  13. 13 tech dude

    Sure, Bill gates for president! As long as he dont screw up anything, and make things cool, then yea!

  14. 14 Joe Kickass

    Done! (Even though I am Canadian.)

  15. 15 starchild

    Is the a serious consideration? What are his qualifications? Because he is rich? SO was Ross Perrot see where that got him…

  16. 16 Daniel Bevis

    Gore-Gates ticket!

  17. 17 Kreshna Iceheart

    Bill Gates is the kind of person who can only achieve happiness by screwing others.

    Tell me, have you ever noticed how your computer slows down CONSIDERABLY upon installing .NET Framework? Or maybe something as simple as Microsoft Office? And have you ever noticed that your computer STAYS being slow even after you remove those MS apps?

    Everytime a computer user gets frustrated, it sends a telepathic signal that gives old Bill orgasm –it is the only way he can get orgasm anyway; by feeding on other people’s frustration.

  18. 18 Speeding Target

    I want to see Bill Gates as president! With Bill gates’s knowledge of money, he should be able to run a better USA.

  19. 19 Biggie Smalls

    Yeah, I think the worlds richest man deserves a shot at the title for being president, I live in Canada and I think he should be president, Done!

  20. 20 Bahram Moeenziai

    As a political junky of the sixties I must share with you, that I have always voted since I became a citizen, because there was no other alternative!!!! Not that I believed in any of these characters. For Bill, as I have told my kids and grandkids, I would vote to be the king of the planet!!! He has proved imself beyond any individual to be the most realist person, he deals with business as business requires it , and he deals with social issues as humanly as possibe.

    I doubt if he needs an advisor to tell him where Iraq is, or Switzerland for that matter.

  21. 21 Pearl

    Bill Gates for President? Wow! i’d have to say that i’m ALL for it he is amazing not only smart, but amazing. It’s done.

  22. 22 Pete

    Go for it!

  23. 23 Yujin

    My vote is for Bill Gates, he know how to build an organization, so he knows how to build a better world.

  24. 24 tirdad gharib

    Good mornning to you friends Bill Gates is a great man with a great heart,i would just like to see a regime change in islamic republic of iran,as they support terrorism and a government who is so antisemit who says israel must be eliminated out of the map, we should never use diplomacy or make buisness with that regime, bill gates has it all, great day to you tirdad

  25. 25 songie

    you got me

  26. 26 C-5 Loader

    Although Mr. Gates possesses the intellect and drive to lead America, it would appear that he has too much common sense to enter the political field himself (much like other strong would-be candidates Colin Powel, Schwartzcof, Stewie Griffin). As a alternative to an actual run himself, I would like to see him lead the movement to revive the Bull Moose Party. America needs a viable third political party, and only adequate funding can make that happen. Mr. Gates, as an intelligent and caring individual would have the ability to shape this party, and select those people who honestly have Americas interest at heart(and not their own polital career). Imagine if you will a presidential debate in which a candidate actually speaks from the heart and tells the American public his(or her)plans for the future of our country, not some cobbled together soundbite, detailing the rhetoric his party has forced him into repeating. A debate in which we would hear a new perspective and not just the same old mudslinging between two tired opponents. American politics is stagnant and needs a change

  27. 27 Dan McKenzie

    I like where you are going with this, but wouldn’t you think that Bill would be much more impressed if this site was built in .NET rather than PHP? I know PHP is easy, free, and functional, but think about who your are asking to run for President…

  28. 28 Andol

    I give a vout for this.

  29. 29 tirdad gharib

    Bill Gates is a person a great man, not only he is a genius, but look at all the charity he is doing giving away , his money that he worked so hard for, because, he is indeed a true hero.Bill Gates is a true example to all the young generation, in this world, down to earth indeed,Bill gates thanks for all you have achieved, great day to you Bill very sincerlly yours tirdad gharib in tennessee.


    Great Idea !
    But you did not precise in which country Bill should be President..
    So let me suggest … Irak…
    A pretty good place is’nt it ?

    An Apple Mac User

  31. 31 rich boy

    no, he is a charitable person and could probably handle the amazing amount of stress but no. I dont think he has the social and diplomatic skills for the job. dont bother posting after me about how i am wrong. i wont be listening.

  32. 32 nyad

    It’s not too late!

  33. 33 Henk Storm

    Bill, How about President for South Africa, we need you ergently, our people are dying and nobody do something

  34. 34 Kaja

    YEAH!! He would be perfect!

  35. 35 Person

    I’m not a big fan of Microsoft’s OS, but I enjoy XBox and Microsoft’s keyboards and pretty good.

    However, Bill Gates is the perfect man to be president. It’s always said that the people who deserve to be president are the ones who are busy doing other things, and with Bill Gates, that was formerly the case. He built his way up and started a successful businessman, and is ranked yearly as the 1st or 2nd richest man in the world. But now, he has retired. He has nothing to work on but charity. If he managed to get either party’s nomination, he would win in a landslide, due to his fame. But what makes him a good candidate is that he’s charitable; he’s not a religious fanatic; he’s great at managing things. Most of all, he’s NOT a career politician. He would have no money or power to gain; no one to exploit, as he’s already at the top.

    I would happily vote for Gates if he ran for either party, or even a third party, should he run.

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