No, we’re not dead! We’ve been busy, though… We’re working hard to get a stable and reliable petition system set up to show the world how much support there is for this whole “Bill Gates for President thing”…

We’ve reached some of our goals: getting the ideas out, stirring up a discussion and getting people to think about the whole presidency thing… The petition is probably the most expected next step….

There’s more to come, but we’ll let the holidays pass first…. See you soon!

4 Responses to “No, we’re not dead!”  

  1. 1 Ian Crozier

    Since the USA government is usually sold to the highest bidder, I guess it is only appropriate that the richest man in the world should be President.

  2. 2 Courtney B

    So have you spoken to him about this?

  3. 3 Localhost_Dude

    Hmm, you should start a forum, like vbulletin, or something like it, then a discussion will start, but it is a good idea to have a petition form.

  4. 4 Henk Storm

    I have tears in my eyes as i read our issue 3 of 2007 clicks book. Thank you mr Gates for being so genorous to the people of South Africa. You will have a specail place in my heart for helpping so many people.
    Your mercy on mankind showed that you and your wife can make the river flow to the outerend of mankind and the world.
    You will be the best President for America (Cant whe have you here in South Africa?) because you CARE.
    May God be with you and your family
    Henk Storm
    Western Cape
    South Africa

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Bill Gates

Bill Gates

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