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Would Americans even consider voting for someone who isn’t a politician? I mean Ross Perot gave it a shot several years ago and it didn’t go well… but then again he was a nobody to most of the U.S. population AND kind of a nutball honestly. That said, Bill Gates does have more name recognition than most politicians considering the race in 2008 and he can fund his own campaign so there’s not the ever present hint of lobbyist and special interest groups being the puppet master behind a campaign. Unfortunately I highly doubt Mr. Gates would want the job and I doubt even more that Americans would vote for him. People don’t trust successful businessmen for some reason and just the name “Microsoft” sends some people into fits about unfair business practices and monopoly tactics. He’s also an atheist and even though religion should have nothing to do with politics this would be a black mark against him.

I guess the point of all this is that the American people still trust politicians to run this country even though most of them don’t even properly represent their constituents. I’m not saying that we should vote a bunch of business leaders into office either but I think people should keep an open mind when it comes to such things. Who cares if someone is an atheist… or isn’t married… or is gay… or any other “oddball” thing that people don’t associate with a “good” politician? Are these really the things that matter in the long run? Apparently so here in America… and I find that sad personally.

Mike Browning from the Real American Blog posted this right here, and makes some good points. His “I think people should keep an open mind when it comes to such things” is really what this website is all about…

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  1. 1 Steve

    Trust doesn’t mean a thing these days… It’s all short term trust…

    At least with Bill, we know his affiliations!

  2. 2 Cris Ranston

    Bill Gates was not fit to run Microsoft.
    His company railroaded our Federal government and avoided penalties associated with running a Trust only because the politicians they donated money to stole the election – apparently literally.

  3. 3 James W. O'Connor

    I’d like to add my WOW to this. Politicians? How about humanitarians for a change. The man surely acts like he’s trying to help people. Although with the two party structure it may be just pissing in the wind!

  4. 4 Mario

    I’m not so sure about him being an atheist though; he was born and raised Catholic and I doubt he would go completely the opposite direction that much. Obviously not not a Catholic anymore but atheist is too much. Besides that, really good essay, it should be read by many people…including Bill Gates.

  5. 5 Tom

    Bill gates would be good as president, but somehow, he would probably manage to bring the old “BSOD” (Blue Screen of Death) and the new “RSOD” (Red Screen of Death) to Government. =]

  6. 6 Sissi

    Bill Gates never said he was an atheist, just not religious. Not that it would matter anyway. I would vote for him !

  7. 7 janice seibert

    to bill gates. what does it profit a man if he gains the world and loses his soul? it is the fool that has said in his heart that there is no god.professing themselves to be wise they became fools. bill gates is an educasted fool.

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Bill Gates

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