John McCain official photo portraitTime for some polling! In the weeks to come we’ll be launching a series of polls in which we put a potential candidate for the 2008 election and Bill Gates in a head-to-head position. We realize we’re putting Bill up there without him even expressing any of his views on what his political choices would be, but the reason that’s not stopping us from starting these polls is simple: we believe in Bill’s rational choices and his ability to make the right decisions.

Senator John McCain of Arizona will be the first one to be tested against Gates. John McCain has emerged as the early front-runner for the Republican nomination. He stands for conservatism, or as he put it to the Washington Post, “My record is the same on all issues, which is that of a conservative Republican. Not a liberal Republican. Not a moderate Republican.” You can find more info on Senator McCain on the John McCain 2008, The Exploratory Committee website, Wikipedia or John McCain on the Issues.

We’re curious about which way this will sway… That means it’s time to make your pick ladies and gents, McCain or Gates?


16 Responses to “Poll #1: John McCain vs Bill Gates”  

  1. 1 Andrew

    Of course, there’s a bit of bias here. I’m probably saying what everyone already realizes, but I suspect most people frequenting this site have most likely decided it was worth frequenting and thus, would probably vote for our buddy Bill.

  2. 2 bert

    That’s an obvious point there, Andrew. We weren’t expecting such a landslide though, since loads of republican and right-winged forums and websites are linking to this blog.

    We’re thinking about changing the concept, and adding a name to the list every time. Poll #2 would have Bill, John and another candidate in there, dragging Bill’s A-score down a bit? ^^

  3. 3 Basel Al-Khateeb

    I’m not a US civilian but I can judge that Gates will be great for the task.

  4. 4 Steve

    Close to 1600 votes! 😮

    Not bad!

  5. 5 Kyle

    Even if it is more frequented by Bill Gates fans, the margin by which the pol shows him in the lead is very impressive. Especialy if one were to look at the margins that recent presidential elections are won by.

  6. 6 Kyle

    An Addition, a possible problem with the polling is that many people will take voting in a pole lightly, and therefore causing people to think, “What the heck.”And proceeding to vote for Gates. This could account for further discrepancy in the vote.

  7. 7 bert

    That explains ONE of the McCain votes 😉

  8. 8 Stew Hawke

    Well I’m not an Amercan (Australia) But who you guys vote for makes a difference to the whole world. I’m not a real fan of Microsoft either. I used to be when I had an 8 bit computer with a Microsoft Basic complier. But now I get paid to support a LOT of Windows PCs. I guess you could say I was jaded. But I think that Bill Gates would be a good President of the USA. So it seems does Scott Adams, you know the Dilbert guy. Checkout his blog. No I won’t post a link. If you can’t Google you shouldn’t vote.


  9. 9 Andy

    The fact that he’s an atheist is in his favor! Fundamentalist religious views, from all sides, are tearing the world apart. We need someone who can separate fact from faith in the White House.

  10. 10 Motosys

    Gates is evil but McCain is worse by far I am an AZ resident and McCain is not a conservative he is a RINO (Republican in name only). Gates has done some very questionable business practices on one hand on the other hand he is very visible due to the size of MS and himself. What I know of his political views I would think he is more of a Democrat I think he would raise taxes. I know McCain would. I am greatful for MS as I make my living as a network engineer and work mostly with MS products I work with Novell and Open and free BSD and some flavors of Linux but mostly MS. So without Gates I would be ??? It would be interesting atleast to see if Gates would run but I think that the skellitons in his colset would detur him too much

  11. 11 Mark - Novato, Ca.

    I am amazed everyday, how much more Bill Gates does for individuals regarding HIV/Aids Then everyone realizes. Now I am reading up on his work with our much needed schools. He certainly would get my vote. And no I really do not object to the cost of his products. As it would seem, sharing truly is caring.
    Thank you Bill and Melinda

  12. 12 Davw

    McCain is a tool. Gates is kind of a tool, but obviously a much smarter guy. My only question is this: Is gates for liberal pet programs and causes or is he for a limited government? That would make my decision on his policies much easier if he were to run. I don’t think he’s big friends with Clinton since Clinton spent more time and money going after Gates in the 90’s than he did the bombers of the USS cole, Khobar towers the first WTC bombing or the US embassies that were bombed (technically US soil there.) Hard to gauge where Gates would fall in the political scheme of things. He obviously has the cash to get a campaign going, but a lot of negative Windows press about viruses and that could be a huge downfall. He is simply the butt of too many jokes. Which is why hilary will never be nominated either. She was the butt of Clinton jokes in the 90’s, and still is today. People have not, and will not forget.

  13. 13 songie

    gatessssssssssssssss baby all the way, i freaking love him. Excuse me I’m 16

  14. 14 Victoria

    If you have the real interpretation of the book of Daniel and The Revelation in the bible, you probably notice that GATES could be sooner or latter a president of USA. He is a freemason, the rulers of this world.

  15. 15 Libertarian4Pres

    Is this a serios question. Bill Gates has no chance. He obviously dosn’t care for politics because he donates money to whoever won’t fight him in court. He backs off of people who make anti-trust acts. It’s obvious Bill Gates is a selfish person (like most of us) and who really cares. Bill Gates seems to change his views and BILL GATES SUPPORTED VIETNAM! Ok, so Iraq is bad. I bet Bill Gates didn’t think so until it got unpopular. He showed Republicans in commericals when they were popular and now is showing democrats. Bill Gates is an excellent capitalist, but please John McCain would be a lot better (though not as good as Ron Paul).

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