Bill Gates for President Bumper StickerWe had quite a few e-mails during the weekend from people asking for bumper stickers, buttons and T-shirts to help us spread the word. We hesitated for a while but after e-mail number ten we decided to give it a go.

We’ve made a small store in which we’re currently selling some shirts, mugs, magnets and stickers. We’re not giving stuff away, but because we’re not in this for the money either (we have a long way to go to break-even ;-)), we’re donating at least 10% of all the profits to HIV/AIDS charities, even if we’re still in the red. We’ll up the percentage at the point of break-even!

We’ve also made some free pdf templates people can use to print out their own posters and flyers. Thanks to Jeff Taylor for the great idea!

It’s amazing to see how many requests we keep getting for promotional stuff. This one is my favorite:

I was hoping for buttons.. you know like the ones you pin to your clothing… so I could wear around something that says “Bill Gates for president!” The people here at the hospital would really get a kick out of that.

That’s the spirit, Joel!

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  1. 1 RennyBA

    I assume I should not interfere in foreign politics matters, but wish you good luck all the way from Norway:-)

  2. 2 ryan

    Dude, he has a better shot than Perot.

  3. 3 Steve

    I love the “Bill Gates for President mousepad”! 😀

  4. 4 amalia pellegrini

    I sincerely hope for the western world that BILL GATES might be elected !!

    He could represent the Resurrection for the Americam economy ecta…. He would eventually do it for the fun ??!! of it..after all he is a SCORPIO …hence
    very serious, ambitions and devoted to his cause…

    After all he represents not only the selfmade successful man but to most people in the world he also symbolizes the most significant CHANGE in tecnology… He would then really be and represent the most powerful man
    in the world

    I do not know whether he is a democrat or republican, he is simply BILL GATES and he could AFFORD to rule the Country JUST in the interest of the people …. and he has all the money to win the election…as an OUTSIDER …at any rate he is famous well enough and known to be clever enough…

    His ” windows ” have opened millions of windows all over the world and I think
    he more than any other American is entitled to open the White House’s window…!!

    Amalia Pellegrini (Genova- Italy )

  5. 5 nash

    go get it baby.
    now can i have my free stuff please

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Bill Gates

Bill Gates

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